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Having had 3 children, followed by a body that was now very out of shape and a tummy covered in stretch marks, I did what a lot of other women do and tried to find a miracle cure in order to go back to feeling like the old me and being happy with my appearance again.

This proved a huge challenge. There seemed to be no quick or reasonably priced, local treatment that worked. All creams I found didn’t help and derma-rolling made a difference, but not enough for what it cost. So I was left at a loose end having to try and adapt to feeling okay in a body that I really wasn’t happy with, so exercise and healthy eating to get in shape was going to have to suffice. The stretch marks I was hoping to learn to love and wear with pride, like most say you should or maybe just accept that a bikini was never going to happen again.

Then I stumbled across shockwave therapy for stretch marks. In my current clinic I own a shockwave therapy machine, we use this to mainly treat soft tissue injuries, through sound waves to speed up the healing process. Upon delivery I was asked if I would be using this aesthetically to treat stretch marks, cellulite and scarring as it also increases collagen production. Suddenly my ears pricked up, this wasn’t the intention but if it works this may be the miracle cure I was looking for so why not. I trialled it on myself and I was blown away after 6 sessions my stretch marks were barely visible.

A few of my friends had some body hang ups and I wanted to try and help them to feel content with their body’s again, just like I now was. One had quite deep and wide stretch marks generously spread over her tummy after baby number 1, the other a rejected belly button piercing that had left a large scar and the third had accepted that 6 years after having baby number two, her stretch marks were there to stay. They were also totally blown away, to see their reactions made me feel totally elated.

A lady then approached me having had bariatric surgery, she was disheartened that she had lost so much weight but was now left with stretch marks and excess skin. Like me she could find very little that would cost effectively help her without going under the knife. I was determined to help her.

After shockwave therapy she was pleased with the reduction of stretch marks, however the saggy skinned remained. I was determined to get her the best result I possibly could without her needing surgery, so I contacted the company that sold me the shockwave. I showed them the before and after pictures of our results, to be told I had the best results they had seen in the whole of the UK for treating stretch marks and scarring using shockwave therapy. They advised me that they had just the thing to achieve this lady’s desired result for skin tightening and when combined with the shockwave machine the results I would get would be phenomenal.

With a sound medical knowledge I did my research and could find nothing but amazing results and praise for this machine, it was being used in the top aesthetic clinics, not just in the UK but the States and all over the world too.

From here Stephanie Louise Aesthetics was established, with a goal to use non-invasive methods of treatment to cosmetically improve body issues for all genders, helping them to feel youthful and body confident again, just like myself.

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