Dermal Fillers

 Dermal fillers are popular treatments for wrinkles and facial lines. They boost the skins hydration system, can stimulate collagen production and restore youthful volume by supporting the skins structure, which delays the signs of ageing and encourages the production of healthy glowing skin. There are many different dermal filler products on the market, your practitioner can advise you.

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Mel - Bishop’s Stortford

“Wonderful service in a friendly environment. This product has given me my confidence back. Friends comment on how well I look and I love telling them about the treatment I have had with Steph.”

Laura - Cheshunt

“I saw a noticeable different even after 2 sessions. Steph always made sure I was comfortable and I can rely on her for honest feedback and guidance as to where the treatment was most needed or if it wasn’t needed at all. I will definitely be going back for more treatments on other areas!!”

Claire - Dunmow 

“My jowls are tighter, my cheeks are lifter and my very deep frown line is softer, look refreshed and feel so much happier. The aging process has been stopped in its tracks. I love it and will be having regular maintenance. “

Claire - Bishop’s Stortford

“A great service provided with care and confidence. With outstanding results, Stephanie Louise aesthetics has given me back my confidence!“

Becs - Stansted

" Thank you to Stephanie Louise Aesthetics... 6 treatments on my forehead has reduced my wrinkles and tightened them. Great result #feeling & looking younger"

Lewis - Bishop’s Stortford

How often do I need treatment?

To maintain the aesthetic results of your treatment, it is advisable to visit your practitioner for a repeat treatment before the product has completely broken down. In most patients the effects will last approximately 6-12months depending on where the filler has been placed and the rate at which your own body breaks the gel down.

What does treatment involve?

A dermal filler treatment will take approximately half an hour to one hour.

A full medical history will be taken from you and your practitioner will discuss your concerns and advise what treatments are available and which would be suitable for you.

Photographs will be taken and a topical anaesthetic will be applied to the area.

The dermal filler is applied under the skin with a series of injections using a very fine needle or cannula. The injections may be mildly uncomfortable; injections close to the lip or nose are likely to cause the most discomfort.

 The thickness of the gel selected and the amount used is dependent upon the the line or fold to be filled.

Depending on the product used the practitioner will massage the injection area to help mold the filler. The treatment benefits can be seen instantly, although there may be slight swelling at the injection site.



Are there any side effects?

Side effects following hyaluronic acid fillers are very unusual as it is a naturally occurring substance. Some people may experience stinging, redness, swelling, tenderness, itching and or bruising around the injection site. These are all temporary. With lip enhancement, it is sensible to choose your treatment time with care, since your lips may become swollen and appear slightly uneven for up to a week.

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